Tips for successful physical distancing

These are very difficult times; no matter where you turn you are faced with a new wave of bad and frightening news. Additionally, the sudden change in routine can be very challenging to adjust to. The following information is here to offer some ideas on how to spend your day, as you do your part to combat this outbreak.

Stay Active

  • Free Workouts

  1. Youtube has many great workouts for all ages. Workout for older adults

  2. Core Power Yoga website (Free workouts on the website, you do not need to subscribe)

  3. Planet Fitness has free workouts on its Facebook page.

  4. Nike Training Club (An app with free workouts that can be downloaded on your phone)

*Please do not do any exercises you do not feel comfortable with. Please call us at 402-522-6394 if you need help accessing any of these resources.

  • Walks

  • Every hour get at least 5 minutes of walking in.

Find a New Project

  • Work on those projects you may have been putting off around the house.

    • Organize a closet or drawer

    • Put new pictures in your picture frames

    • Take care of your plants/complete some gardening

    • If you don't have the supplies to complete the project right now, make a list of supplies you need and a plan on how you are going to complete it, so once you are able to get to the store you know exactly what to do! Or, take advantage of delivery options and get the supplies you need now.

Stay in Touch

  • Call or video chat a loved one

  • Use our companionship program to stay connected to the outside world

  • Journal or write letters to your loved ones

Try to Limit Your News Time

  • The World Health Organization has recommended limiting yourself to 60 minutes of news a day. However, I found restricting myself to news just in the morning has led to more productive days.

  • Focus on positive news, check out the Good News Network.

  • Google "Happy news"

Other creativity inspiring resources

  • Google is always a great tool to search your interests and find more ideas to keep you busy

  • The website, Pinterest, is also a useful resource for creative projects and ideas.

Keep it Light

  • Read a book you have been looking forward to. If you are a member of the Omaha Public Library, you can utilize the app Libby to access audiobooks. You can utilize it on your phone or tablet.

  • Have a movie night or binge-watch a show! The 2020 Environmental Film Festival is offering free showings of the documentaries here.

  • Play an online board game with friends and family.

    • offers free chess games that you can play with friends or family (you have to make a free account to use)

  • If possible, keep your window shades open to soak up the natural light.

Find a new hobby

  • Color with a coloring book or download free coloring book pages from here.

  • If you have the supplies, learn knitting, here is an instructional video.

  • Work on a puzzle, if you do not have puzzles at home, try a virtual puzzle here.

Take a Look Around the World

  • Take a tour of 30 different historic sites around the world with Google earth, follow this link. If you need help, please call us and we can walk you through how to use this resource.

  • Watch Australia's underwater reef camera here. So many fishes!

  • Look at the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC using the bloom camera.