Receiving a delivery: What to expect/do

Tips for what to do when receiving groceries:

  1. Know when you are supposed to be getting your delivery and have your phone on ringer at least an hour or so before. Just in case your shopper or someone else notifies you, you can respond appropriately. If you accepted to receive substitutions of items, the shopper may reach out to confirm potential substitutions (however, this is not always the case - the shopper may have to pick the substitution without your input).

  2. Be home during the delivery window, if possible. Sadly, items get taken off people's porches all the time. If an item is taken off your porch you will more than likely be the one responsible, due to many company policies.

  3. Have supplies to sanitize at the ready, this includes: gloves, wipes, a trash bag and any other items you may need to properly sanitize the groceries.

  4. Watch the videos below for tips on how to reduce your risk of transmission when bringing items into your home.

  5. We recommend leaving the bags outside and taking each item into the garage (if applicable to your situation). Only bring in perishable items or things you immediately need and sanitize them. The research regarding how long the virus can survive on surfaces is inconclusive, recently they found active virus on a cruise ship 17 days after all passengers left the ship. Additionally, we have no way of knowing if the person handling your products at the store or during delivery has been unknowingly infected or not.

  6. Check to make sure you got all the items you ordered.

  7. Make sure to check all items (substituted or not) for any potential food allergies.

  8. Check your email account for an email from who delivered your groceries. The email will inform you of what you were charged for and what items you received. It will also give you the opportunity to tip your drivers/shoppers.

  9. If you have any issues or concerns please contact us or contact the appropriate store using the information provided by your delivery service.

I shared an example of a delivery I received from Shipt while shopping at Target. You can watch the video on how I made the delivery from Target via Shipt by clicking here. To see what happened on the day of delivery click here.

Video by Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen on how to sanitize groceries and takeout entering your home.

Video by Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen on how to sanitize packages, mail, and pizza delivery entering your home.

How I recommend dealing with groceries after they have been delivered.

I recommend if you have a garage to have the delivery driver leave it by your garage door and then using a glove bring in the bags into your garage. Only bring in items that are perishable or you need right away. I understand that is not always possible, like in my case because I live in an apartment. Below are videos on what we do in our apartment when receiving groceries.


This video shows how one person can bring in groceries by themselves.


This video shows how two people can bring in groceries together.


This video shows how to discard of your bags. *Also, get rid of the glove or gloves at this point, not mentioned in the video.


At this point, wash your hands well. See the linked video for proper hand-washing technique.

This video shows how to clean the rest of your items.

Also, I personally change clothes, because I have been leaning against the door. Due to the fact I live in an apartment building I don't know if anyone has been coughing or sneezing in my hallway.

Finally, I wash my hands one last time and I'm done.

*Make sure you are not touching your face during this process