Support Your NEighbor COVID-19

Hello! Welcome to Support Your NEighbor COVID-19!

The Program

Our organization serves those at an increased risk in Omaha and Lincoln. We have created informative videos on how best to get essentials delivered to your home. We deliver toiletries and groceries to members of our community who are at high-risk and are struggling financially during these unprecedented times. You can help us by participating in our food drives, donating, or putting us in contact with others who can help. Finally, we want to offer companionship and support during these times of physical distancing. We created a page compiling ideas and tips for successful physical distancing. Additionally, we formed a companionship program to connect individuals.

To access available information, please check out the following pages:

Mission Statement

Our goal is to assist our neighbors at increased risk by providing information on how to acquire essential supplies without them ever having to leave their homes. We also strive to provide essentials to individuals who may not have the means to purchase everything they currently need. By helping those who are more susceptible we believe we can reduce the impact of this outbreak, be good neighbors, promote positivity, and save lives.

About Us

Ryan and Sunny founded this organization due to a desire to help the Omaha community during the COVID-19 outbreak. As Nebraska natives, they wanted this program to focus on Midwestern values, such as being a good neighbor. They are very privileged to have many of their friends and family members assist them in making this organization possible.